ECR On The Go

Did someone put you in charge for ordering pastries and coffee for an event? Good news, we have you covered. As much as we love roasting and preparing coffee, we too, love baking and sharing that with our community. All our products are made from scratch with tried and true recipes that will bring a smile to yours and your guests faces and pallets. Listed below are some go to's but if your curiosity for a different flavored muffin or scone peaks, feel free to ask. We ask that you send all inquiries no later than 7 days from your event to ensure we have all ingredients ready for preparing your order.

All inquiries can be sent to:


Muffins / Vegan Muffins $4.50 each (minimum order 6 muffins)- Blueberry, Chocolate Raspberry, Almond Poppyseed, Banana Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, *ask for other options

Banana Bread $4.50 each (minimum order 6 slices)

Scones: $4.50 (minimum order 8 Scones)- Maple Pumpkin, Chocolate Raspberry, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Cardamom Almond, *ask for other options

Gluten Friendly / Vegan Muffins $5 - (minimum order 6 muffins) Banana Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.50 - (minimum order 6 cookies) 

Joe to Go - 96 oz - 10-12 servings - $25

Cambro of Coffee - 4 gallons - 50-60 servings - $80

Look forward to being a part of your event/special occasion!