Edina Coffee Club

Welcome to the Edina Coffee Club! Our hope with the Edina Coffee Club is to build connections with members to an array of delicious coffees and exciting community events. There is no shortage of great coffee, so why not make it easier and fun by having it delivered straight to your door, as well as offering a few extra perks (no pun intended)?  

When you become a member, you get:

  • Roasted coffee delivered to your front door
  • A membership card giving you access to discounted drinks at pop-ups / discounts on merch / a window to other exciting experiences within the community
  • Monthly newsletter 
  • Brew Guides
  • So much more! 

How does it work? 

It starts with choosing which membership package you'd like and how many bags of coffee you'd like per month. From there, we take the liberty on selecting coffees and sending them your way once a month. With the first package, a membership card will go out, giving you access to discounts on drinks, events, and merch. 

The Packages

  • Epiphany - Roaster’s Choice - Want to get into our heads and know what’s exciting us? It’s this coffee option. Taste and see why we are so excited about it. Sometimes it’s a blend, sometimes a single origin. Regardless, we’ can't wait to share it with you! Regardless of the number of bags, you will receive the same coffee in each bag.
  • Discovery - Single Origin - Love learning about where your coffee comes from? Here’s a fun way to go down the rabbit hole on that path of discovery. Brew, sip, and enjoy! 
  • Suspension  - Mix of S.O. and Blends - Just want to shake it up? We’ve got you covered. Close your eyes and be surprised when you open it up! 
  • Cruise Control - Blends only - Sometimes, you just need a coffee you can depend on that delivers consistency in flavor from brew to brew from one bag to the next. For that, our blends hit the target every time.  

 How much does this cost? 

Per month: 

1 bag - $17.50 / 2 bags - $35 / 3 bags - $41 / 4 bags - $54

No additional fees, shipping is built in. It is that simple. 

If you'd like to customize your order, feel free. All you need to do is shop through the coffee pages, choosing how much coffee you'd like, the frequency rate, and you'll receive 15% off once you click the subscription option. From there, you will be added to the Edina Coffee Club. 

Don't wait, join the club, and watch and enjoy all the coffee coming straight to your front door!